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A Home For Your Quirks, Habits and OCDs

This site is just starting out so please take a moment to sign up and share your 'funny little ways' or obsessive complusive disorders with us. To get you started, here are mine.

Our Latest Additions...

TitleInsanity IndexUserHit Count
The Evil Side To Stickers 2.5 xrainbowxroox United Kingdom 11648
stancuemil 1 stancuemil Romania 11334
WhAt ThE hElL iS wRoNg WiTh YoU? 3 wonderbread United States 12155
the way i sleep 2.5 laneime Canada 11853
lights going on or off 2 laneime Canada 3629
thinking randomness 1 mrjosh93 United States 3707
games in wrong cases 1 masterfreak Canada 3710
Knives and Becca 3 mrclwrkr11 United States 3708
Canadians 2.3 wonderbread United States 3802
bandeezy 3.3 wonderbread United States 3748
Super Nova 3 mrclwrkr11 United States 3658
refilling toilet paper 3 laneime Canada 3849
Poop phobia 2.5 iloveduckies United Kingdom 5179
virgins 1 iloveduckies United Kingdom 4081
labels 1 iloveduckies United Kingdom 3520
Making people think I'm Left handed 1 john United States 3950
Warm, flat soda 1 john United States 3538
Twirling in my Hair 1 Kathy United States 5335
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