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fear of falling down (Insanity #101)

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Title: fear of falling down
Description: i have a paranoia about falling over, to the extent that i dont like walking with my hands in my pockets incase i fall over and land face first on the ground.
im not excessively clumsy, (although i do have my moments) and i dont think i fall over any more than the average person, so why the paranoia?

anyone share this fear? (I know you do, Choppy)
Username: livalittle (3.2)  United Kingdom
3.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
02/01/2009 20:15:13 (721)
From: PostisPer
with the pocket thingy... i cant walk without getting a feeling that ppl is watching me and laughing at me if i dont have my hands in my pockets... i feel naked or something^^

27/12/2007 18:22:25 (123)
From: Choppy
YES I DO! you stole my fear! i have a much worse fear of falling down than you do! i just have to see the ground and i hink i'm going to hit it. fear stealing woman.

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