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The alarm clock haunts me! (Insanity #105)

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Title: The alarm clock haunts me!
Description: No matter when I peer at the alarm clock ,my watch, mobile or microwave, the time is always thirteen minutes past the hour.

Then if I see it at 26 minutes past I think, " Oh, God, I've missed it twice!"  , etc.......
Username: sarah (3.2)  United Kingdom
3.2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
31/07/2008 19:21:24 (405)
From: jenzie
i get exactly what you mean

ages ago whenever i looked at the clock it would say 7:11, so i became positive that i was psycic and something important was going to happen on the 7th of november
nothing ever happened tho

09/02/2008 00:31:42 (169)
From: jason
Just exactly what's the importance of thirteen minutes?

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