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Title: new
Description: i read a lot of books, and i mean a lot but i have a thing about reading already read books. every single book i own has only been read by me and no one else i just cant share my books, i also cant draw on them if a teacher says to underline something {{in a reading book not text}} i cant do it so i just look at it from other people it drives me nuts when i see people writing in their book!! i cant help it...
Username: selin (1.8)  Turkey
2/5 Sane Insane

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17/04/2008 18:18:44 (234)
From: Flashkat
I hate seeing other people write in books, too.  Mainly my college books that I plan on returning for money anyway (it's like a curtousy thing).

09/02/2008 16:25:35 (172)
From: kellytinkerbella
i do that last year i read 106 books all read by me
an i worry if ppl lend the book they will crease the pages even though i fold the top of the page i was last on!!

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