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o_0 i have a 'thing' for paint (Insanity #110)

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Title: o_0 i have a 'thing' for paint
Description: im a painter and i love paint. i like to paint wit my body i loke to roll around naked in paint. the best sex ive ever had was wen we splashed paint everywhere and thenwe had sex on it. i dont kno why i like paint!!!
Username: selin (1.8)  Turkey
2.6/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
26/01/2008 23:22:35 (142)
From: selin
ooo insanity 110...!!!

26/01/2008 23:02:50 (140)
From: selin
nope just a bunch of smudges but its really pretty its hung up in his room he loves it, i love it too but for different reasons....;]

22/01/2008 21:45:00 (139)
From: jason
What did the canvas look like? Lots of buttock prints? :-)

22/01/2008 08:57:36 (138)
From: selin
nope not everywhere...

21/01/2008 22:56:34 (137)
From: jason
Didn't the paint get (like) everywhere?

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