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0_o i also have a 'thing' for slapping.... (Insanity #115)

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Title: 0_o i also have a 'thing' for slapping....
Description: i cant control myself. i slap eeryone i like...all my friends hate it but i cant stop...atleast i dont slap them hard in a playfull way...though i do slap harder at times im feeling intense...during paint filled sex fro example....but thats a totaly different matter...i cant control it i slap you have any idea why?!?!
Username: selin (1.8)  Turkey
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
10/02/2008 00:19:40 (176)
From: selin

i dont like to be slapped...i like to slap

29/01/2008 19:57:19 (148)
From: jason
Here you go, here's someone else who likes to be slapped...

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