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a sexual fetish I kinda like (Insanity #120)

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Title: a sexual fetish I kinda like
Description: Here's a bit of mad behaviour by another person, which I have never heard of in anyone else, but I would love to know if anybody has heard of, experienced or has this fetish themselves.

My boyfriend is absolutely wild about underarm hair - he thinks its just about the sexiest thing there is, but since just about all women in the western worlds shave their underarms, he seldom has this fetish catered to, except by me. I find this fetish of his extremely liberating, since it is a pain in the ass to have to shave your underarms regularly, and get ingrown hairs and nicks ands such. Of course, the down side is that I know that people stare at me, but I really don't give too much of a damn, since it pleases him so much. The funny thing is that it was I myself who started this fetish in him, as I was a radical feminist when I was young and the first woman he had seen who didn't shave at all. He kept this fetish for decades, and now that we have gotten together again, he finally gets to enjoy it!
Username: toti (2.9)  Iceland
3.4/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
16/11/2009 18:38:07 (869)
From: wonderbread
i think ur boyfriend may be gay... just saying

15/01/2009 17:36:25 (814)
From: miss_cellophane
Lots of people have weird fetishes.  This one seems a little weirder than usual.  Does he stroke it, and braid it?  hehe.  I don't think I'd do it for anyone.  And I'm dirty and lazy.

01/02/2008 04:43:21 (161)
From: selin
i think thats really cool...i mean i have weird fetishes that i dont get to enjoy but wtever mine are a little bit easier...

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