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Death (Insanity #122)

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Title: Death
Description: For some reason I always picture my loved ones being dead.  I don't want them dead. I certainly don't want to kill them or anything, that's sick. But I am always picturing them dead. I can see their funerals in my head, I can see myself trying to cope with them being gone...

I think maybe I just have some sort of overwhelming fear of loss or something...
Username: Syke (3.6)  United States
3.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
15/01/2009 17:38:16 (815)
From: miss_cellophane
I do that too.  I always thought I was crazy, but a lot of people I've talked to do that.

25/12/2008 18:13:49 (703)
From: john
yeah i do that too
i dont imafine the funeral but i just think about wut it would b like if they were to die
i do it mostly right before i fall asleep and im usually in tears
not just them dying but other things like finding out my gf cheated on me or getting in huge fights with my twin and stuff like that

17/07/2008 22:10:05 (355)
From: Mrclwrkr11
just to be clear, if their name comes up in a conversation, is that when you picture them dead, or when you picture them in your head like some people think of a year book picture, you just think of them dead, or do you dream about them being dead? i dont get that, but  the over whelming fear of loss just means that you love them and care about them. one time i thought about what would happen if one of my best friends, Derrick, died, and i actualy started crying. But seeing their funerals in your head is a little weird.....

p.s.  do you have to talk to yourself about evry step of the funeral? not to be mean but i read your other thing and i waz just thinking....

03/02/2008 00:56:46 (163)
From: Syke
Just dead..It's never anything gruesome...

01/02/2008 19:40:18 (162)
From: jason
Do you picture them just lying there or all mangled up as if they'd fallen into a threshing machine or been hit by a truck?

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