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Talking To Myself (Insanity #123)

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Title: Talking To Myself
Description: I have to justify all of my actions to myself.  If I do anything (cleaning, showering, getting dressed, planning by day). I have to explain it step by step, outloud, to myself.  It's not just talking aloud either, it's full on conversation. I can literally feel myself comprehending what I am saying to myself, and I also can feel myself being confused if I don't make my intentions clear. I HAVE to do this everyday! If I don't, I feel anxious like everything I do will not make any sense, or be done incorrectly. It can be very upsetting if I feel like I haven't made myself clear. To myself.
Username: Syke (3.6)  United States
4/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
04/08/2008 22:31:29 (433)
From: tania
i sometimes do that just explain myself whats going on!!!

17/04/2008 18:04:12 (231)
From: Flashkat
Maybe you have an audible memory (remember better when you hear it).  It's kinds weird that it makes you feel upset if you don't though.

07/03/2008 18:07:51 (203)
From: ElBoujnouniNajoua
Do you argue with yourself?

24/02/2008 15:41:14 (185)
From: Syke
I still have to talk it out...I might have to do it quietly in my head, but as long as I (we) understand each other than I can move on with whatever is happening

09/02/2008 00:27:18 (166)
From: jason
What happens if someone springs something on you, do you have time to talk it through with yourself before you can come to a decision?

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