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towels! (Insanity #124)

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Title: towels!
Description: i hate when a towel is half wet/ half dry and it rubs off my finger nails and makes a squeeking noise. it drives me mad. i get goosebumps and pain in my temples!!! im actually afraid of towels.... and cotten wool!!!
Username: flynnbar14 (3.2)  Ireland
3.2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
11/02/2008 18:18:04 (181)
From: selin
i would say that that was weird buuut i have much weider thingss...hehe so do u mind wen a towel is all dry or all wet??? ur afraid???

09/02/2008 00:28:51 (167)
From: jason
You mean you don't enjoy a nice, rich, full, new towel? Something lovely and warm to wrap yourself in?

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