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toothbrush (Insanity #126)

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Title: toothbrush
Description: i know this is weird but brushing my teeth is a whole big routine,
first i wash it with the hot water,then the cold water
then use one toothpaste then wash my teeth with water
then with another toothpaste then water
then mouthwash then floss
i didnt realise this was weird until my friend saw me do it
is it just me?
Username: kellytinkerbella (2)  United Kingdom
2.2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
04/08/2008 22:28:31 (432)
From: tania
i do similar things 2 my toothbrush except i rinse my toothbrush then put toothpaste on it then rinse it again then brush my teeth. I do that because i think that the toothpaste is dirty so i rinse it alittle!!!

10/02/2008 10:24:15 (177)
From: selin

09/02/2008 00:30:27 (168)
From: jason
Two toothbrushes!?! I think your friend might be right. Ask them to sign-up and let us know the details.

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