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twos an threes!! (Insanity #127)

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Title: twos an threes!!

I buy things  twos  even wen one will be fine,
my latest obession is candles i have to have two but now in my living room  i have 8 candles an its getting to much
i work in a shop an wen i stack shelve if there is a odd number i hide one out of my view an i still worry that it looks weird
is it jus me

Username: kellytinkerbella (2)  United Kingdom
2.5/5 Sane Insane

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11/02/2008 18:15:04 (180)
From: selin

OMFG!!! im the exact same way!! i hate odd numbers, even in ear piercings they kept adding up because i didnt like having 3 and somehow i enden up with plus even if a buy a pen i have to buy atleast 2 or 4 and so on its a total waste of money but i cant help it

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