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Woot to Toot! Curtains! (Insanity #128)

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Title: Woot to Toot! Curtains!
Description: My first post, I decided, should be about my habit of having curtains covering up every single inch of the windows. I mean, if curtains are going to be drawn, I just have to have them cover up the windows perfectly. I just can't stand that annoying piece of window showing through.

I like my curtains and my windows. But curtains have to cover up windows. I sometimes call 'em "Good curtains!" when I see them covering up all of the windows. That's my weird habit #1 for you. :)
Username: mayallyourbaconburn (2.3)  United States
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
09/04/2008 22:06:49 (223)
From: jimjam

me too. I have just signed up and already I am relating to many threads! Curtains, when drawn, should be that! Drawn! No gaps! Why would anyone leave a gap?! When my partner draws them closed, I have to get up and close them properly!

13/02/2008 23:35:15 (184)
From: jason
You don't leave a little crack between the curtains?.... just for a bit of fun? :-)

Anyway, I thought Americans called them 'drapes?'

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