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What if aliens really come to Earth? (Insanity #129)

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Title: What if aliens really come to Earth?
Description: This habit was formed when I first watched that friggin' movie "Signs". After watching that movie, I picked up this habit of having at least a dozen of half filled glasses around my room(that little girl from the movie was inspirational). It didn't matter what it was in there, I just wanted some form of liquid around me....

Then I just realized that even if aliens really do come and eat us, they would just die since human body is composed of 70% percent water.... o___O

Yeah....Good ol' times....
Username: mayallyourbaconburn (2.3)  United States
2.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
17/04/2008 17:46:55 (230)
From: Flashkat
I find M. Night Shamalan's movies to be more weird than scary.  "The Village" where 1800's people are living in some state park or something would feak me out much more than "Signs".

13/02/2008 23:33:48 (183)
From: jason
I love that moive too but you have to wonder why a hyrdophobic alien race would want to invade a planet that's mostly water.

A friend of mine's wife does much the same. He's always clearing up half empty (half full!) glasses of water from around their home.

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