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Clean Room Habit (Insanity #130)

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Title: Clean Room Habit
Description: Well, some might call this strange,(what is the name of this site again?) but I do have one more weird habit. Like normal people, I go to sleep around a responsible time (like 11pm), but....I sometimes wake up around 3 a.m. and automatically start to clean my room!! It's like I'm possessed by a demon of spic-and-span cleanliness!


But I do feel good waking up to a nice and clean room though.

P.S: This action above is not recommended unless you are unemployed or  have insomnia...In either case, you'll be eft with yawns the other day
Username: mayallyourbaconburn (2.3)  United States
3.2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
17/04/2008 17:24:36 (229)
From: Flashkat
Too bad you remember it.  If you didn't, it would be like your house was cleaned by elves at night.

13/02/2008 23:30:19 (182)
From: jason
Have you ever done that when you've had someone stay with you?

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