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Counting stairs (Insanity #131)

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Title: Counting stairs
Description: I cannot go up or down stairs without counting them!
Username: akuehnel (2.3)  Turkey
2.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
01/10/2008 23:05:01 (569)
From: aric
I used to count the tiles of the floor. Now I have a habit of counting flourescent light bulbs in my class room by depicting out each row of lights, and how many bulbs each set contains. It's a habit I conform...

01/07/2008 19:50:58 (290)
From: Judge
i do it too

09/04/2008 22:03:37 (222)
From: jimjam
I'm the same. I don't expect there to be less or more, I just cannot help but count each step!

26/02/2008 21:29:04 (188)
From: jason
Are you expecting there to be a different number of steps on the stairs you are used to?

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