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Drawing With My Mind (Insanity #134)

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Title: Drawing With My Mind
Description: When I am sitting down, even when I am trying to watch a movie, I have to draw the outline of everything in view with my eyes. I have to follow the outlines of thre TV, VCR, DVD player, surround sound, then wall behind it, the windows (if there are any), the doors. Then I follow the oulines of pictures on the walls, even going to far as to mentally draw the outlines of whatever is in the pictures...I usually finish up with the couches and chairs. If they are in my view, or my perephrial vision, they have to be outlined.

I do this in movie theaters too, outlining all of the wall scones, and exit doors...

I CANNOT watch a movie until I do this..Which means it's always better if I can arrive ahead of time, or sit down before the movie starts and get this mental drawing over with before the movie starts.
Username: Syke (3.6)  United States
3.4/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
13/11/2009 18:33:09 (868)
From: wonderbread
ur an idiot

26/03/2008 17:55:25 (212)
From: iloveduckies
sounds a bit like wat i do, except with wat I hear (read my thing..)

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