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brushing teeth in front of mirror (Insanity #135)

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Title: brushing teeth in front of mirror

while i brush my teeth i *have* to watch every single tooth I'm brushing, in the mirror... I cannot close my eyes, otherwise i am afraid of not getting them clean... also I have to brush every corner of every tooth.... i hate dirty teeth. my dentist says i will brush my teeth away

Username: jazziza (2.1)  Germany
2.3/5 Sane Insane

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26/02/2008 21:59:51 (196)
From: jazziza
*g* i have, whenever i do floss, i take a smell afterwards at the floss, if it doesn't smell good i continue flossing....

what kind of strange faces do you make? wide eyes, odd mimik? like women do when they put mascara on their eyelashes? :-)

26/02/2008 21:43:19 (192)
From: jason
Do you not have an 'OCD' about flossing?

I make strange faces when I floss, it's not something I'd want to see in the mirror. :-)

26/02/2008 21:27:46 (187)
From: jazziza
only once in a while.... why?

26/02/2008 21:25:52 (186)
From: jason
Do you floss?

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