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reading from the middle to the start (Insanity #136)

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Title: reading from the middle to the start

does anyone else know this habit... i can not read books in the right order, starting with the first page, it bores me to death.... i like taking random looks and i like guessing what might have happened and who the people are... if i like the book then i will usually continue until the end, then start from the beginning until where i originally started... maybe i like to take control... i don't like to be kept in suspense

Username: jazziza (2.1)  Germany
2/5 Sane Insane

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04/08/2008 22:18:32 (431)
From: tania
Well i don't think i would be able 2 do that since i love 2 read and i always read in the right order it feels wrong if i miss one single word of the book!!

26/02/2008 21:52:40 (195)
From: jazziza
yeah, sometimes that causes some surprise... but i like it. so i am not a responsible reader... no one can punish me if i forget something or don't follow the plot... if i'd start from the beginning (including 'about the author') i have the feeling i need to remember every single word...

26/02/2008 21:44:39 (193)
From: jason
Surely the plot doesn't make any sense until you're read the whole thing?

26/02/2008 21:37:21 (191)
From: jazziza
yeah!!! don't let me wait for the highlights to come!

26/02/2008 21:36:18 (190)
From: jason
It sounds like you can't wait for the plot to evolve or for the characters to develop.

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