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I need to bang my head to sleep (Insanity #149)

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Title: I need to bang my head to sleep
Description: yep. thats right. when i get into my bed i HAVE to bang my face against my matress to sleep. i makes me tired and i cant sleep otherwise. i bang for around half an hour to an hour and i manage to sleep. : )
Username: killhha (4)  Malta
4/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
08/01/2009 06:52:43 (762)
From: highfly29
Who's, laughing, serious way of getting to sleep you know! Fo many years as a small kid and even teenager until I went into forces, used to bang head and roll head from side to side against the headboard, otherwise could not get to sleep, just sort of got so tired slid down into bed, until next night, then start all over again. Now I have to get myself so exhausted I can' stand or use drink to enable me to just collapse into bed, otherwise would not be able to get to sleep normally.

01/10/2008 23:21:13 (579)
From: aric
Hahahaha i cant stop laughing.

26/03/2008 17:52:21 (211)
From: iloveduckies

I do this sometimes too, but not for half an hour lol. about 10 times is enough to help me sleep, but i only do it if i cant sleep.. i dont know if this makes you feel more or less insane tho :P

07/03/2008 17:51:36 (202)
From: ElBoujnouniNajoua
Haha. Good shit.

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