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My Computer Phobia (Insanity #153)

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Title: My Computer Phobia

Ok So i have this problem about like I am deathly affraid of computers. It's taking me all that i can right now not to cry. I'm always affraid that my fingers are going to get stuck in the keys, and ppl will have to use a chainsaw to cut tem out! So now I only type with 1 finger at a time! sane or insane?

Username: You_do_not_know_me23 (3.5)  United States
3.5/5 Sane Insane

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28/09/2008 20:33:40 (547)
From: Boomer
Interesting.. most people are scared of loosing their work or something.  When typing youre merely pushing down on a piece of plastic connected to a spring. There is no electricity running through that plastic what so ever, so you cant exactly get electricuted and fused to the keyboard.  Infact the keyboard only takes 5v from the PC which it only really needs to light up the caps lock light :)

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