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I tap my teeth.. (Insanity #156)

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Title: I tap my teeth..

when people talk to me, I cant help but tap my teeth together according to the number of letters in each word. stormy is a good word because 3 letters can be tapped on each side of my teeth but storm is bad because one side will tap 2 times and one side will tap 3 times. does anyone else do this or am i extremely weird?

Username: iloveduckies (2.2)  United Kingdom
3.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
14/10/2008 21:56:14 (608)
From: Lol
Yeah, i do that too!

08/07/2008 22:43:57 (319)
From: BrianaCSC08
I do this!! Finally another tapper.

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