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GUM (Insanity #166)

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Title: GUM

i eat gum like none other. i go through roughly 20-30 pieces a day. it's insane. (and costly.)

Username: mangosandfish (2.7)  Turkey
2.8/5 Sane Insane

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02/01/2009 22:07:33 (732)
From: PostisPer
I get a very bad breath when im sleeping like everyone else i know^^ so i chew gum as well just that i keep that same gum the whole day if i get tired of chewing it i just put it above my teeth. you should try that instead :) it wont disappear

22/08/2008 22:15:39 (468)
From: jessiemarie25
i use to chew gum alot well i still chew it but not that much. when I was in highschool I use to get called the gum girl cuz i always had gum on me no matter what lol. it was interestin'

04/08/2008 22:03:46 (428)
From: tania

Well my mom used 2 always tell me not to eat my gum cuz it will get stuck 2 your intestins so i've never done it!!!

07/04/2008 17:31:55 (219)
From: jason
Why don't you switch to mints.... Tic Tacs maybe?

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