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TOILET (Insanity #167)

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i always have to close the toilet lid before i flush because a 7th grade biology teacher told me that this vapor of whatever was just in the toilet rushes up when you flush and covers everything within 10 feet.
so, whenever a toilet seat is down i flip it up and run away as fast as i can 10 feet from it.
it's aggravating.

Username: mangosandfish (2.7)  Turkey
3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
09/06/2008 17:58:35 (272)
From: JustAnotherStar
Isn't that what mangosandfish said?... thats germs fly all around the place!
I didn't know!!
Now i'm going to do what you do and close the lid, I don't want to get covered in toilet germs!

07/04/2008 17:31:16 (218)
From: jason
They tested that on that show Myth Busters and it's not the case. Germs do fly all around the place when you flush with the lid up.... apparently.

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