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strange paranormal thing- or kinda madness? ! (Insanity #168)

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Title: strange paranormal thing- or kinda madness? !
aah gold story happened last weekend. I went out with a friend to play some pool billiards.
I did very fine putting  the balls this day (was in a pool club  for years ago-and also relaxed on dis sunday) MMH i planned how to touch the balls and play with spin u know
so i putted 4 balls one after another.
thinking were to put my last ball cause had to be in counterpart hole.

I did well but i have to play the eight ball over bank. .Hero i am finally win and screaming jawoll!!! juhu -
my friend just look at me and said  why did u do that, U  have 2 Balls left on the table???
didn't i realize there were balls left on table.

Ok, that's not what i would call insane, it only was kinda slip of the pen, cause of unconcentration.
But folks it happens again and again. 3 times this evening

I realized that there was a bit of quantum mechanics in the whole story-
maybee you know  schroedingers' paradoxon.
There were actually 2 universes
 one where i thought i did right and win--->so i was the winner
 second was this one i did fault and --->loose the game!!!!
Username: KURTS77 (3.2)  Germany
3.2/5 Sane Insane

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