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Fuel in cars (Insanity #172)

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Title: Fuel in cars

Now I know I'm not alone in this...

I play a little game with myself (no, not that sort of game) to try and get the most miles out of a tank of fuel in my car.

Every time I fill the car up I try to get more miles out of the tank of fuel - which I guess is a good thing these days.

In other words - leaving it until the last possible opportunity to fill the car up - and I do mean fill it up (to the brim), even at the risk of running out. Which I have done once or twice. Part of the fun is waiting until the orange light comes on and then working out if I can get to where I'm going or if not how far I can get. I'll drive past a perfectly good petrol station if I know there's another one further away that I think I can get to.

Username: Andy (1.8)  United Kingdom
1.8/5 Sane Insane

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21/04/2008 02:12:38 (245)
From: Jesusheraldo
I do exactly the same thing, but for completely different reasons, I wait for the exact last second to put gas in my car because I usually run out of both gas and money exactly the day before I get paid. Luckily I have only ran out completely once and I was not too far from a gas station.

16/04/2008 17:21:24 (226)
From: jason

You're a risk-taker Andy!

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