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before bed.... (Insanity #183)

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Title: before bed....
Description: I always ask god not to let spiders get on me. Like that's something I should be praying about XD
Username: Kristahlyn (2.1)  United States
2.6/5 Sane Insane

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11/07/2008 18:26:49 (329)
From: terradise
im so glad im not the only one! i used to pray for spiders notto get me! mosquitos not to give me a disiese and for zombies not to get me! well the zombies from whern i was 8 but i stilll pray for the other things! and i also pray for gid not to let my family die!

01/07/2008 19:27:37 (288)
From: Judge
i had one crawling on my leg last night while i was sitting on the couch

07/05/2008 23:40:10 (258)
From: jason
I try not to worry about what's happening when I'm asleep.

For me, so long as you apologize when you kill them, they can do whatever they want before that...

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