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fridge (Insanity #185)

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Title: fridge
Description: I can't stand it when someone leaves the fridge open! It can be for 10 secs or 10 minutes, either way it pisses me off.
Username: kristahlyn (2.1)  United States
1.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
09/06/2008 17:28:12 (271)
From: JustAnotherStar
Same here.  It annoys me becasue it watses electricity and i'll be the one who walks into it!

11/05/2008 00:15:29 (259)
From: ditas
Agreed... it really anoys me too >.<
for god's sake, it's not too hard to shut it!!

07/05/2008 23:34:29 (256)
From: jason
I don't like that either because it's wastes electricity.

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