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spit (Insanity #186)

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Title: spit
Description: someone spitting on the ground is gross
someone spitting in a can or bottle is more gross
a can or bottle Full of spit is physically sickening
if the can of spit spills i cant look at that or i'll probably barf
my own spit is even gross
writing or thinking about spit makes me queasy

but kissing a.k.a snogging is fine!
wierd huh?
Username: 8pavola (2.8)  United States
2.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
11/07/2008 21:21:11 (342)
From: rachel99696
me too kinda

07/05/2008 23:33:41 (255)
From: jason
I thought 'snogging' was known as 'making out' in America.

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