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My O.C.D.'s (Insanity #192)

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Title: My O.C.D.'s
Description: i have to have papers even when my dad is cutting wood when we go camping... the log has to be even if he stops for a few minutes when i play cards, they have to be in order everything is in order from biggest to smallest i have to rub the inside of a doorknob i have to rub the eraser on a pencil with my thumb zippers have to be even spelling is crucial (unless it's a made up word) i can't stand wrinkled papers i have to erase the memory on a calculator i can't write on the back of a piece of lined paper unless it's a note between friends back and forth My O.C.D.'s are kinda weird and annoying.
Username: DOOMtaco (2.6)  United States
2.6/5 Sane Insane

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20/05/2008 20:38:51 (263)
From: jason
Spelling is crucial but punctuation clearly is not. ;-)

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