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My things.. (Insanity #193)

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Title: My things..
Description: When I use word documents I have to use a certain font style.

All my books and dvd are put out in size order..and no one is allow to touch/use them unless I am there..cause I like my books/dvd to be "perfect" they cant be scratched or creased in any way..
..and even if I creased it by accident I get mad and wont like the book as much..or I feel like I have to get a new one to replace the creased one o_O

Paragraphs are important and I cant stand people saying the wold "babe"

All my shelves can only have one similar group of items like books with books and photos and photos..

All words after the fullstop have to start with a captital..except when the full stop is used like this "...."

Money have to be in size order in my pocket.

And none of my pillows or clothes are allow to touch the floor or I'll have to wash them again..

I have this weird habit where I cross my legs when am asleep..I have no idea why..

And when I get sauce or food on my hand I have to wash it off before I  take another bite.

Socks have to match..and eveything else I own just have to be in order..and when I go round my friends house I cant help but tidy if they have things laying on the floor not cleaning freak..but a neat freak o_O

Username: aussam (2.5)  United Kingdom
2.8/5 Sane Insane

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25/07/2008 18:35:51 (389)
From: glenwood333
very weird

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