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New cds. Bugs & SMS.. (Insanity #194)

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Title: New cds. Bugs & SMS..
Description: When I get a new CD I have rearrange the little leaflet thing at the front so its facing left instead of parallel to the side where it opens..
and I have to listen to each track in order and have to finish listening to all the songs beginning till end otherwise its gonna annoy me and I have to start again until I've done it.

and bugs are a no no! not even a ant..they scare me.. o_O

And all SMS/texts I sent have to all be in one it cant go over to two page..everything have to be in one..even if it means I have to cut down on all the words lol
and if I were to sent a text I have to fill up the whole use up the limit allow for one text before i send it..otherwise I feel like i wasted money..

weird i know o_O Lol
Username: aussam (2.5)  United Kingdom
2/5 Sane Insane

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