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Food and numbers.. (Insanity #195)

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Title: Food and numbers..

Like sweets for example I cant have more than one in my mouth at the same time..not even two tic-tacs..
and favorite flavors have to be eaten strawberry and lime etc..

M&Ms, smarties, gummy bears etc all have to be separated by colours..

I cant stand those excess fat you see in chicken/meat etc cause when you chew it it feels soggy and it makes me wanna gag..

and i like numbers that are even like 2,4,6,8 or any multiples of five..cause I think it makes them complete so with the volume on tv, mp3, money I allow in my purse, number of songs that are on my mp3 to even number of thing I have in my bag...

dont ask why...i wish I can help it lol

Username: aussam (2.5)  United Kingdom
2.6/5 Sane Insane

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