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Oh and I left out.. (Insanity #196)

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Title: Oh and I left out..
Description: ..books.
I have to read every single page in all my books..even if I dont give a damn about where its published..just have to read every page..
..and yes..even if the book was shit I still have to or I wont be able to read another book cause i'll constantly have the thought of something un-accomplished on my mind..

Also my clothes all have to be folded neatly like with the sleeve tucked in on both side and the collar facing upwards not the way where people just fold with the two sleeves together..
and they have to be put in different shirts and shorts..I know thats common but I have to have them in season order as summer short sleeves top cant mix with long sleeves top..have to be in a different wardrobe or pile at least..

and something totally random but i also like the smell of shirts after I wore it..maybe cause of the perfume..
Username: aussam (2.5)  United Kingdom
2.4/5 Sane Insane

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