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m&ms (Insanity #206)

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Title: m&ms

well, when i ear m&m's or Skittles or anything like that they have to be in color order or i wont eat them


1st: yellow, 2nd: orange, 3rd: green, 4th: blue, 5th: red, 6th: friend messes with me all the time, she will mix up my colors and i will get so madd...haha...its funny...but annoying ; )

if you wanna talk add me on myspace:::   Morgan Massacre

Username: cyanidexxkiss (3)  United States
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02/01/2009 21:36:43 (730)
From: PostisPer
I eat them in a different way :) i put one in my mouth (on the edge) then i crush it slowly just till i hear the little shell crack and if i manage to get it in 2 perfect circles i'll save the shell and eat it after i've eaten the other ones

24/06/2008 03:14:19 (276)
From: ditas
Sorry, i pressed the innapropriate button by mistake O_O

Sry guys

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