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Papers. (Insanity #207)

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Title: Papers.
Description: When I have a pile of paper I have to have it all in line, none of it can be sticking out or it feels odd and it needs to be perfect otherise I can't carry on with what I was doing.

Every 'I' that I write has to be in capitals and not 'i' and if it isn't in capitals it drives me mad.

Whenever I close one eye, as in winking, when I open it I have to close the other one.  I just automatically do it and can't help it!  If I don't close the other eyes my head starts to feel all itchy! Its a bit strange and I don't know why I do it!

If I say have an itchy knee and scratch it, I have to scratch the other one.  It's a bit like the closing eye thing, and I can't help it!  The same as anything, so if I scratch one side of my head I have to scratch the other, if I scratch one arm I have to scratch the other!!

Username: JustAnotherStar (2.8)  United Kingdom
3/5 Sane Insane

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11/07/2008 20:44:39 (335)
From: katzmeow
Oh! I'm kind of the same way with the scratching  and the eye thing. It's sort of this need for me to feel the same thing symmetrically on my body, it's very strange. Like if I stub one toe, I have to at least put some pressure on my other toe or it will drive me insane. And if I'm lying down and putting most of my weight on one arm or one leg, I have to turn around at some point and put equal pressure on my other side, I don't know what it is. By the way I tried very hard to make sure I didn't leave any lower-case 'I's in this message. =)

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