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Slugs (Insanity #208)

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Title: Slugs
Description: And another thing...
I can't stand slugs.  I can't be near them at all! If I see one I can't help but imagine it crawling up my leg and always have to check, even though I know they are on the floor where they saw them.  Even looking at slugs makes me feel sick!  I think its cos they are all slimey and disgusting looking.  I'm ok with snails its just slugs that creep me out.

And bananas.  They also make me feel sick - even looking at them makes me feel sick!! I can't touch them and if someone leaves a banana skin lying around i always make sure I avoid it.  And if I HAVE to touch it, I will wash my hands loads and loads of times afterwards and still imagine the smell of banana on my hands!! :|
Username: JustAnotherStar (2.8)  United Kingdom
2.6/5 Sane Insane

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