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Crunching snow.. (Insanity #209)

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Title: Crunching snow..
Description: So i hate the sound of snow crunching. only certain sounds that it makes. Usually only when there are a few cm on the ground. It makes me taste rusty metal in my mouth and i get this dull/sharp pain between the same two teeth in my mouth. I can never explain it to anyone. i have to cover my with my fingers and make other noises that i can hear in my head to cover the sound it makes. I also hate cotton balls for the same exact reason. and it isn't just when i walk on it, other peopl can make the sound too. When i taste it, it seems so real my mouth waters ...

sorry for the long read. just hard to explain.
Username: rideascooter (1.8)  United States
1.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
08/09/2008 17:42:39 (503)
From: quitestrange
i know exactly what you mean, dont worry !
is it similar to the feeling you get when you hear nails on a chalkboard?
i get the same feeling about the idea of chewing dry towels, as i do about cotton balls, but not so much crunching snow.

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