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Pain and sex (Insanity #214)

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Title: Pain and sex
Description: Ok this might sound weird or it might sound fun (fun for me) but i love to be hurt. Pain is like awsome. It arouses me. I mean I tell me girlfriend to make me bleed when we have sex. I want it. And no one can explain it. I just love the feeling its like every thing that feels good. half and orgasm before the orgasm. I realy cant explain it.
Username: Waylonscott (2.4)  United States
2.4/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
08/07/2008 07:15:08 (315)
From: Drackolus
Masochist?  hehe...  however it's spelled :)
It's somewhat common.  I know a lot of 'em.  It's kind of nice if you're one of those people that feel the same feelings as those a round you.  Like me.  That's why I like being around masochists.  I hurt myself (on accident!) a lot =P

20/06/2008 22:35:40 (275)
From: unbelivable
your what they call a machosist (idk if i spelled it rigth) but you can look it up i guess its sane of them but some poeple migth take you as a freak

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