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every day of my life i want to die (Insanity #215)

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Title: every day of my life i want to die

there is nothing good.

Username: gurgeon (3.3)  Canada
3.3/5 Sane Insane

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08/01/2009 06:47:32 (761)
From: highfly29
I agree, death would be a great release from this life crap, trouble is typical man coward and also read articles were people have taken pills and suchlike and failed so need a sure fire pain free method, which of course there is not, so best idea is to die in sleep without knowing , trouble is as I,m writing this, clearly has not worked yet!

01/08/2008 13:52:34 (408)
From: Gothic_Hippy
Learn to appriciate all the little things in life like breathing cold fresh air, hugging people and poetry! Hugging oak trees is pretty satisfying and not at all weird so try it ;)

02/07/2008 23:34:36 (301)
From: jason
Oh, come on, there's lots of great stuff.... the opposite sex, music, books, movies, bubble wrap,!

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