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Beer mats (Insanity #22)

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Title: Beer mats

The glass containing my current drink should always be placed EXACTLY in the centre of the beer/drink mat. Don't know why I do this - but it's certainly less destructive than ripping them up.

Username: Andy (1.8)  United Kingdom
2/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
18/07/2008 02:35:53 (361)
From: MrclWrkr11
beer mats?

27/08/2007 19:35:46 (16)
From: Andy
Doesn't matter. It still has to be in the centre. Round ones are easiers obviously. Square are most common but odd shaped ones like jigsaw peices are not uncommon. With those I ignore the "tags" and just work on it being square.

27/08/2007 19:32:40 (14)
From: jason
What about if it's an oddly shaped beer mat?

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