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some one is watching me (Insanity #221)

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Title: some one is watching me
Description: i have to have the blinds that are on the window next to my porch facing up because if they are facing down someone on the porch could stand on the porch and look down through the blinds and see me on the couch. i have to have the blinds that are on the windows in my house that are about six feet off the ground facing down because if they were up then someone could stand outside and look up into the house.
Username: slurpyzklown (2.1)  United States
1.5/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
15/11/2008 03:04:35 (626)
From: Red
makes sense to me.

27/09/2008 00:36:45 (540)
From: murphyslaw04
although i dont have blinds i have a similar thing where the curtains have to be close so the gap is pointing away from me ie if in lay on the couch with the curtains over the window on my left, the left curtain has to be over the right so noone could peak in in my direction????

11/08/2008 17:25:02 (444)
From: amangrisani

my room is right by my front door and my window is literally right at my front door. My bed is underneath that window and I feel when I sleep somebody could look at me through the window. I constantly check to make sure the blinds are facing up and not down.

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