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odd number alarm (Insanity #222)

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Title: odd number alarm
Description: when i set an alarm i always have to have the last number be an odd number mostly 5 or 7 i would rather wake up at 9:37 rather than 9:40.
Username: slurpyzklown (2.1)  United States
2.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
27/09/2008 00:31:48 (539)
From: murphyslaw04
ahhhhh that would truly drive me insane!!!! mine has to end in an even number!!!!

11/07/2008 21:12:08 (341)
From: rachel99696
personally I HATE odd numbers

02/07/2008 23:29:16 (298)
From: jason
Oh, there are plenty of odd/even number 'insanities' on this site. :-)

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