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i love hair until... (Insanity #223)

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Title: i love hair until...
Description: i love hair no matter where it is but i don't like it on my body beside my head but most of that is gone too. i shave my eyebrows and i have a mohawk. i love to put my face in hair and pet it. i especially love to pet my boyfriends butt hair. i love all hair and want to touch it until the hair is not attached to a body it is so horrible. i am a stylist and i love hair but when it is cut off or falls off i hate it, i don't like to touch it and i don't want it to be on me. hair that isn't attached to a body is the worst. if i get hair in my food or drink i lose my whole appetite i usually don't want to  eat for the rest of the day.
Username: slurpyzklown (2.1)  United States
2.3/5 Sane Insane

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01/07/2008 19:09:43 (282)
From: Judge
Very intersting.

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