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afraid of dying in the shower (Insanity #227)

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Title: afraid of dying in the shower
Description: everytime i shower i think i am going to slip fall and bust my head open and bleed all over and die slowly while i see blood coming out of my head.
Username: slurpyzklown (2.1)  United States
1.8/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
04/08/2008 18:00:03 (425)
From: tania
i have something similar w/ taking a shower except i have to keep constantly looking out to make sure no one is there!

11/07/2008 21:10:00 (340)
From: rachel99696
me too

02/07/2008 23:24:16 (296)
From: jason
I suffer with something similar to that myself. Except I worry about tripping and putting my head down the toilet...

01/07/2008 19:10:35 (283)
From: Judge
That is a common fear

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