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pencils in my eyes (Insanity #228)

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Title: pencils in my eyes
Description: when i was little i couldn't ride a bike with out opening and closing my eyes constantly because i would imagine/see pencils flying through the air at my eyes. i would blink over and over trying to close my eyes fast enough so that i wouldn't see the pencils.
Username: slurpyzklown (2.1)  United States
2.6/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
08/07/2008 07:18:54 (316)
From: Drackolus
Sounds like you suffer a major form of paranoia, with a strange fetish.  The fetish is common -- everyone's got some weird fetish.  The paranoia is actually something you may want to see somebody about.  Or not.  Not sure =)

04/07/2008 21:07:15 (302)
From: xiomie

Ok. I have been reading all of your things and you sound really weird and freaky!

01/07/2008 19:13:30 (285)
From: Judge
WOW Very intersting

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