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Death (Insanity #232)

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Title: Death
Description: ok first off im not sucidal, i dont want to die, well not anytime soon, but i dont fear death. i am obsessed with the idea of death, i keep 2 death books on my own and others ideas of death i know how i want to die, i want to be shot in the stomach. i want to feel what death is like, i want to hear it, taste it, smell it. death is only going to happen to you once and i dont want to miss it
Username: Judge (2.3)  United States
2.3/5 Sane Insane

Comments (Newest First)
08/01/2009 06:43:00 (760)
From: highfly29
I am scared to death of dying even though will all life's crap it would be a welcome release, but here's the crack! I am scared that I will end up meeting my parents as they show in these near death experiences people have when their loved ones are waiting at the end of the white tunnel for them. Well I hate my parents. did not see them for 30 years and know they are now dead, so damn sure don't want to go through that torture again even after death so trying to figure a way of dying but not meeting them, any ideas!

01/08/2008 13:45:13 (407)
From: Gothic_Hippy
I have an obsession with death. I once had a dream that when I died I went to a white place with my friends and we had to choose what we looked like so I chose to have multicoloured hair with branches and leaves in it and a white robe with celtic embroidery on it :S weird. Oh and there were people there wit clipboards (also dressed in white). I welcome death if what comes after it gives answers I've always longed for, like is there a heaven? But I want to die when I've achieved everything I want to in this life, just in case it is my last.

08/07/2008 06:55:54 (311)
From: Drackolus
Seems pretty natural to me.  I have the same feelings.  It's just strong curiosity.  It's certainly more healthy than a fear of death.

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