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Halucinations (Insanity #240)

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Title: Halucinations
Description: I've seen this twice now... I don't take any drugs or anything, but yesterday and a day before that I sat on my bed, and I got dizzy, so I layed down.As soon as I closed my eyes I saw this guy with a white shirt hitting me with a HUGE hammer three times on the head really really fast and I just jumped out of my bed really disturbed! -Don't know what that is, but it was weird, there might be a problem with my head or smthining...
Username: krembill (3)  Macedonia
3/5 Sane Insane

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08/07/2008 06:51:21 (310)
From: Drackolus
Are you SURE you saw what you think you saw?  When you close your eyes, random-like things will be seen, especially if you are tired.  The dizziness can be explained in all sorts of ways -- it's fairly common to be a little dizzy every once in a while for no good reason.  You may very well have just THOUGHT you saw a guy in a white shirt hitting you with a hammer.

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