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I don't shit all week... (Insanity #241)

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Title: I don't shit all week...

Since I was a kid, I started doing this... I only shit once a week, but through the week I get the urge to shit like twice a day... but I dont, cuz theres this satisfying feeling of holding it inside, like a prisoner, like I'm torturing it and  we both struggle together... then, at the end of the week I let it all out and oh boy does it want to come out! that is also very satisfying:D

Username: krembill (3)  Macedonia
3/5 Sane Insane

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02/01/2009 21:26:52 (729)
From: PostisPer
Haha! i know it feels good to let it out after a long time but a week! :O you must stay in there for another week just to let it all out.

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