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I hate lotions (Insanity #246)

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Title: I hate lotions
Description: They feel so nasty, on your skin. I cant stand it. You feel all gooy and unconfortable.
especially in the heat and humidity,  Eew, i cringe thinking about it. How can people
put it all around them? and then put some on your hands and then it wont come off?
i can deal with sunscreen if im right away about to get in a pool and take it all off
or not feel it. I'm mexican so if i dont put any sunscreen on in 117 degree weather, ill get
bronzer and bronzer. i dont want that. Well yeah, anyway, tahts my phobia. :D
Username: jllybllyrulz (2.3)  United States
2.3/5 Sane Insane

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11/07/2008 20:57:31 (338)
From: rachel99696
same here

your not alone

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